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Early 1900's Scottish Music

(Includes more Harry Lauder songs and Bagpipes)

All Early 1900's Scottish Music listed below was recorded on 60 minute cassette/CD from a 1918 hand cranked victrola using special equipment to enhance and retain the characteristic victrola sound. To order please send $11.95 for each tape or $16.95 for each CD plus $4.95 shipping/handling per order (US and Canada), your name and address, and the tapes/CDs requested to:

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Every song on these tapes/CDs may be sampled by clicking on the tunes below.

Early 1900's Scottish Music (Tape/CD -1)

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  1. Songs of Scotland Performed by Victor Mixed Chorus
  2. Bonnie Sweet Bessie Performed by Geraldine Farrar
  3. My Ain Folk Performed by Imperial Quartet
  4. Comin Thro The Rye Performed by Master Claude Isaacs
  5. Auld Lang Syne Westminster Chimes
  6. Auld Lang Syne Performed by Frank C. Stanley
  7. Annie Laurie (harp) Performed by Charles Scheutze
  8. Annie Laurie Performed by John McCormack
  9. Ben Bolt Performed by John McCormack
  10. Wearing Kilts Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  11. Bonnie Leezie Lindsay Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  12. Wee Jean MacGregor Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  13. She's The Lass For Me Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  14. I've Loved Her Ever Since She Was A Baby Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  15. I've Something In The Bottle For The Morning Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  16. Same As His Father Was Before Him Performed by Sir Harry Lauder
  17. Heather Bells Performed by William H. Reitz
  18. Highland Fling Performed by Victor Military Band
  19. Blue Bells of Scotland Performed by Ferdinand Himmelreich

Early 1900's Scottish Music (Tape/CD -2)

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  1. Scotch Medley March (bagpipes/drums) Performed by Sutcliffe Troupe
  2. The Battle of Killiecrankie/Will Ye No Come Back Again (bagpipes/drums) Performed by Sutcliffe Troupe
  3. Scots Wha' Hae' Wi' Wallace Bled Performed by Albert Wiederhold
  4. The 79th Highlanders Farewell to Gibralter (bagpipes/drums) Performed by Sutcliffe Troupe
  5. Highland Laddie/My Love She's But a Lassie Yet (bagpipes/drums) Performed by Sutcliffe Troupe
  6. March Faugaballagh (bagpipes) Performed by Pipe-Major J. Starck
  7. Bonnie Dundee Performed by Albert Wiederhold
  8. A Breath o' Bloomin Heather Performed by George MacFarlane
  9. To The Lass We Love - A Toast Performed by George MacFarlane
  10. Flow Gently Sweet Afton Performed by Reed Miller
  11. The Lass With The Delicate Air Performed by Olive Kline
  12. The Ould Plaid Shawl Performed by Henry Burr
  13. Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon Performed by Geraldine Farrar
  14. Bring Back My Bonnie To Me Performed by Alma Gluck
  15. My Laddie Performed by Alma Gluck
  16. She Is My Rosie Performed by Evan Davies
  17. Loch Lomond Performed by Evan Williams
  18. I Love A Lassie Performed by Sandy Shaw
  19. He Was Very Kind To Me Performed by Sandy Shaw
  20. Mary of Argyle Performed by Evan Williams

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